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UPLOCK is a folding lock concept completely integrated into your bicycle’s frame. The system consists of two components, the UPLOCK seat post and the folding lock. The seat post has a special opening mechanism for the lock to be stowed. The folding lock is made of hardened, high-strength tool steel, which guarantees maximum security! UPLOCK provides a simple, safe, and yet invisible way to store your lock.

We want to make everyday life more comfortable for all cyclists.

UPLOCK is the solution and one less thing you need to worry about.



5 simple steps to UPLOCK your bike


Open the locking lever


Tilt over the saddle


Insert the


Pull out the lock and unfold it


Lock up your bike as usual

You do not want your lock attached to your bicycle nor do you want to wrap it around your body while riding. The UPLOCK system provides a simple, safe, and yet invisible way of getting your lock out of the way. No appendage, but always with you.


We offer seat post diameter of 27.2 mm, 30.9 mm and 31.6 mm. The previous seat post can easily be replaced with UPLOCK and the existing saddle can still be used.


We rely on tested materials and use the latest production techniques and craftmanship. The design of the product is created in the company's own engineering workshop. With UPLOCK we offer not only a secure lock, but also answer the question of where to store the lock – invisible and weatherproof inside the bicycle.



Cycling is a clear expression of an attitude to life and thus part of the individual lifestyle. There is already a suitable bike for every concept of life. Consequently, we started to concentrate on one component that no bike owner can do without – the bicycle lock.


We have thought further and succeeded in improving and making the bicycle lock more comfortable.

Exactly like today’s bicycle riders would expect it.


All parts that make up our product, seat post and foldable lock, are manufactured in Germany. Therefore, we have better control over the quality, manufacturing methods, as well as supply chains. We meet with our local supplier on a regular basis to keep track of everything. Fair production, sustainability and short transportation distances are important to us. UPLOCK is completely made in Germany.


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The driving force behind UPLOCK is the love of cycling. With UPLOCK, our vision has become reality for the first time: To design and realize bicycle components that have never existed before. Things that redefine our ideas of aesthetics, look, feel, form and materials. Things that meet our demands in terms of origin, craftsmanship and sustainability. In short: something fine, something practical, something particularly secure.


Uli Press, the founder, is an engineer and he brings in all his engineering knowledge, his "Outside the box" thinking as well as his wealth of ideas and imagination as a bicycle enthusiast.

The vision: to develop innovative bicycle components. The result speaks for itself.


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