About us

Inspired by the most beautiful form of mobility.

Our idea

What has always fascinated us, and our founder and engineer Uli Press, about cycling is the boundless freedom that comes with this form of mobility. We get on, get moving and our minds are free. If it weren't for the daily question "Where do I put my bike lock? By creating an invisible transport solution with Uplock, we are taking the freedom of cycling to the next level.


Unser Weg

In Zeiten der Schnelllebigkeit haben wir uns bewusst Zeit genommen. Vier Jahre haben wir in die Entwicklung von Uplock investiert, getestet, Ideen wieder verworfen und neue Wege geschaffen, um unsere Vision zu verwirklichen. Uns war klar, wir werden erst launchen, wenn wir selbst überzeugt sind, dass das erste unsichtbare Fahrradschloss unserem Anspruch an Leichtigkeit, Sicherheit und Ästhetik gerecht wird. Dieser Zeitpunkt ist nun gekommen.

Our way

In these fast-moving times, we have deliberately taken our time. We spent four years developing Uplock, testing, rejecting ideas and finding new ways to realise our vision. It was clear to us that we would not launch until we were convinced that the first invisible integrated bicycle lock would meet our standards of lightness, security and aesthetics. That time has now come. With our launch at Eurobike 2023.

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